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Miners Book


"Miners" shows in 125 images a labor day of work at the coal asturian mines.

This work was done from 1999 to 2008. The chosen mines to carry out the photoreporting were Jovesa Mine and Linares Mine (Asturias, Spain).
The photos were captured during the different seasons of that period of time.

"Miners" includes the prologue written by the recognized asturian writer Fulgencio Argüelles.

Vendimiar Book


"Vendimiar" collects photos of some of the moments lived with a group during the collection of the grapes with which, wine will be produced later.

All the photographs were taken in Fuensalida, Toledo, Spain between 1998 and 2000.

Genelba Plus Book


"Genelba Plus" leads you to giving a walk along Genelba Plus's Thermal Power Plant, project realized by Duro Felguera in Argentina from 2008 to 2010.

The first stage of Genelba Plus was the construction of a open cycle Power Plant capable of producing 169MW through a gas turbine manufactured by Siemens.

Between 2018 and 2020 Genelba Plus is being expanded to become a 2x1 combined cycle (2 gas turbines + 1 steam turbine), being able to produce 552MW under this configuration.

Magazine Tecniberia Nº30


Viaducto Sobre el Río Cieza


In 2005 the book "Bridge over Cieza river" is published by cantabrian Colegio de Ing. de caminos, canales y puertos and awarded with "Jose de Azas" prize same year.

Cieza bridge was designed by Pondio Ingenieros and built by Grupopuentes between 2003-2005. It is located in Villayuso de Cieza, Santander, Spain.

It is a bridge with a main span of 141 meters of light and is 240 meters long.

Its construction was planned as a completely prefabricated bridge, both the arch and the board. This innovative construction solution allowed the construction of the two boards in record time since the bridges were built in just 10 months.

Revista Casanovafoto Nº76